Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buying retractable outdoor clotheslines

Buying a retractable outdoor clothesline is a great way to dry your clothes while saving both money and energy resources. Most people are still using the standard electric or gas clothes drying machine that is expensive to buy, takes up space, is loud if your house or apartment, often needs maintenance and worst of all, adds significantly to your energy bills each month.
Retractable outdoor clotheslines are a low-tech solution to dry your clothes outdoors in the sun that doesn't require any big machines and doesn't add a single penny to your electricity or gas bill each month. Buying an outdoor retractable clothesline is a one-time single affordable expense that will save you money every time you dry a load of clothing. You can buy your retractable outdoor clothesline at most any home improvement or hardware store like Home Depot or Loew's or even from an online store.
Everyone has a friend who is trying to save the world through being as green and sustainable as possible. Buying that person a retractable outdoor clothesline is a great useful gift that they've probably not thought about buying for themselves. They'll be reminded of your gift every time they dry clothes outside on the retractable clothesline.
Installing an outdoor clothesline won't take long and is easy if you have a yard or patio which is in the sun. After you are finished with your clothes, retract the line and it won't take up any space at all! Everyone should buy and install an outdoor retractable clothesline to dry their clothing more inexpensively, and also do their small part to save the environment!

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  1. Hello,

    Your posts are really needed information, but, where can one find "retractable clotheslines"?
    I tried 2 years ago at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and Lowes. It was if I were speaking a foreign language to the sales person. If you can help me find a known location, it would be appreciated by many in this family. Especially those who wear summer whites.