Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go green with a retractable clothesline!

A retractable clothesline is a simple and inexpensive product which can help many households go green by significantly lowering their energy costs. In addition to being expensive to purchase and maintain, taking up lots of room, and being loud, your traditional gas or electric clothes dryer uses a huge amount of energy. For most people, using your dryer to dry a load of clothes will cost approximately $1 in electricity or gas use. Putting the cost aside, this electricity and gas use for drying clothes across the US and around the world is a substantial contributor to energy waste and carbon emissions.
Many people believe they cannot live without their dryers. Fortunately, the idea replacement is inexpensive and easy to use: drying your clothes on a retractable clothesline outdoors! A retractable clothesline takes advantage of the free solar power from the sun to dry your clothes outdoors. It may take a bit more time than your traditional dryer, but clothing dried outdoors using the power of the sun on your retractable clothesline will be fresh and dry! A retractable clothesline is appropriate for almost anyone: all you need is some outdoor space in a place where it does not rain constantly. If you live in the suburbs or in the country with a yard or patio, you probably have room for a retractable clothesline. Even those living in a house or apartment in the city can typically stretch a retractable clothesline across a balcony or between two windows.
If you typically dry your clothes using a coin operated dryer at a laundromat, you should also consider a retractable clothesline. You already know how much drying your clothes costs and, if you're anything like me, it frustrates you to put quarter after quarter into the machine every week. With a retractable clothesline, you'll not only no longer pay for drying each load of laundry, but you'll be confidence that you're living more greenly and sustainably by drying your clothes using the free power of the sun!
With the growing realization of global warming and the dangers of energy dependence, it's everyone's responsibility to live their lives in a more green and sustainable way. Using a retractable clothesline to dry your clothes outdoors is a great first step towards living more greenly. As a bonus, your retractable clothesline will also save you money! Everyone should look at their local hardware store or home and garden store to purchase a retractable clothesline and start saving money and being more green!

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